Automatic capsule polisher pharmaceutical capsule polishing machine

Automatic capsule polisher pharmaceutical capsule polishing machineModel:GR-PM01Productivity:3000-7000 tablets / minMain motor power:250 (W)Dimensions:950 × 400 × 1100 (mm)Weight:45 (kg)Capsule polish

  • Product Name: Automatic capsule polisher pharmaceutical capsule polishing machine
  • Model: GR-PM01
  • Machine Type: Other Machinery
  • Packaging Type: Capsules
  • Dimension: 950 × 400 × 1100mm

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Automatic capsule polisher pharmaceutical capsule polishing machine


Productivity:3000-7000 tablets / min

Main motor power:250 (W)

Dimensions:950 × 400 × 1100 (mm)

Weight:45 (kg)

Capsule polishing machine using the principle of the brush polishing processing, remove adhesion on the surface of the capsule, tablet, powder,.make the surface clean, bright..It is the pharmaceutical production operation equipment of capsule,and tablet .

The machine polishing process for conveying a closed structure. Drug contact parts are corrosion-resistant materials. Easy disassembly and cleaning, in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Implementation Guide for pharmaceutical equipment.

This function to meet the requirements of the capsule polishing.Spindle tilting Angle can be adjusted within a certain scope, in order to meet the requirements of different drugs on the polishing time length.Stand with mobile casters, machines can be in different work place.


1.Machine structure

This machine is composed of base, discharging mouth, frame, single-phase motor, polishing brush, the glass, mesh bag, hopper, the vacuum cleaner (own), and other parts.Polishing brush directly driven by motor, according to the speed after polishing of drugs into the feed hopper, with brush rotation, the bag is input to the discharging mouth, the brush down the powder will be collected in the vacuum cleaner, rack can be adjusted with the aid of the strut and lock handle work Angle.


2.Machine use and regulation

1) the machine installation requirements

This machine can be used any platform on the ground, only with single-phase tripod socket (~ 220 v).


2) After the machine is placed, vacuum cleaner, and the power supply is connected, placed at the bottom of the discharging mouth feeder, and observe the host cleaner work, try speed regulating performance.If working properly, you can add a small amount of drugs to the feed hopper in polishing, and according to the drug after polishing surface condition, can adjust frame Angle respectively, until after polishing drug meets the requirements, can be a formal production.A batch of drug production completed, still need to idle running two minutes, after being pick net dust in the conveying pipe, different medicines can be polished.


3) polishing time adjustment

Adjust the frame Angle, change the height of the discharge port and feed port, you can change the residence time of drugs in the polishing machine.The longer the slope Angle, the greater the polishing time, the shorter the vice.Adjust when first must use force to hold the rack in the back, loosen locking screw, avoid bracket out of balance, damage to the frame, adjust the frame Angle, screw lock screw again.



4) to clean up

Using a wrench, loosen the set screw on both sides removed LIDS and took up the cover cap, torn net cloth, loosen the coupling set screw, carefully remove the shaft with compressed air blowing clean, according to the fixed in the opposite direction, try to 1 ~ 2 circle with the hand, not stuck and exception can be switched on.


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